Step Brothers 2: A House of Learned Doctors

Step Brothers (2008) Starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly

LAST SEEN:  It’s the f-king Catalina Wine Mixer.

OPENS WITH: Brennan and Dale running into Mom and Doback’s bedroom.

Dale: Can we say yes to becoming Opioid Drug Czars?

Brennan: It will give us so much power and put us in charge of billions of dollars in spending to curb the opioid epidemic and fight illegal drug use.

Dale: Plus, you know Dad. I left college to join the family business and you never let me.

Mom: But…he’s a medical doctor.

Doback: I really don’t want to keep telling you that Dale.

Brennan: And we know all about drugs.  Remember I blazed that sh!t up every day with Johnny Hopkins and Sloan Kettering?

Doback: You don’t need permission from us to accept a job.  You are adults, you can do whatever you want.

Doback:  I’m not making myself clear… I don’t give a f-ck; now you both are going to be coordinating the federal government’s multibillion-dollar anti-drug initiatives.  I would think you would be focused on that when deciding to accept this position.

Brennan: We can…? No?

Mom: Yes.

Brennan: Thanks.  You guys are not gonna regret it!

Dale: This is the funnest night ever!

The next day, after their first full day as White House appointed Drug Czars, Dale comes screaming into his parent’s bedroom.

Dale: Dad. Nancy.  It’s bad.

There’s blood everywhere.

Being Drug Czars were a terrible idea.  Why’d you let us do that?



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