Dazed and Confused 2: Kevin Pickford’s Parents Finally Leave Town

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Dazed and Confused (1993)

Starring 3 then-unknowns who went on to win Oscars.  The rest didn’t.

LAST SEEN: “Slow Ride” down the highway to get Aerosmith tickets.

OPENS WITH: It is Saturday, May 29, 1976, the day after the last day of school at Lee High School in the suburbs of Austin, Texas.

Kevin Pickford’s parents, who successfully thwarted a keg party by staying in town for the night, leave the next morning on their vacation.  They don’t realize that keg stores can also deliver on weekends.

“Pink” decides to dump Simone.  In the car to the party, he tries to convince his buddies to do the same with their girlfriends so they can be single heading into senior year.

“I can’t hardly wait,” says Pink.  “Besides, I think she’s a lesbian.”

“I’m going to chase and fall in love with her anyway,” says O’Bannion.

Simone enters the party and everyone goes silent, whispering and talking about her being dumped.  Simone’s friends come to her rescue and try to cheer her up.

“Anyway, I mean, who does he think he is, Donny?”

“Seriously, and you’re, like, Marie.”

David Wooderson is in a corner playing the bongos.

O’Bannion finally gets the courage to hand Simone a note he’s been hanging onto since freshman year.  In it, he asks her on a date to the mall.  He suggests lunch at the cheese haus, taking her to the stores she wants to shop in, and introducing her to his mother.

The movie then fades into the next day and the next.  Finally, 12 days after the last day of school, we see how they have grown into adulthood.  Each character gets a “What happened to them” still at the end.

-Pink smoked some weed, broke his arm, got kicked off the football team.  He begged Simone to take him back.  Answers to both Jason and Jeremy.

– David Wooderson quit working for the city and became a Lincoln salesman.  He keeps getting older.

– Simone and O’Bannion had their date and are still together today.  He gave up paddling freshmen and is the proud proprietor of Fashionable Male.


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