Working Girl 2: A Head For Business and a Bod For Sin

Working Girl (1988)

Starring Melanie Griffith, Sigourney Weaver

LAST SEEN: “She got out! She has her own office!”

OPENS WITH:  Stormy Daniels cutting her over-processed hair.  She is beginning her transformation from porn star to successful executive and needs to look the part.

Her boss Ivanka Trump has broken her leg skiing and has asked Stormy to house-sit.  Stormy raids Ivanka’s closet for something businessey.

Stormy arrives at the White House and catches the eye of Donald Trump.  She introduces herself as “Stephanie Clifford” a businesswoman who invented post-it notes.

The next morning Stormy wakes up in Trump’s bed.  He assures her that nothing happened.  They slowly start falling for one another.

He makes it clear that he has been in a relationship, which he says is all but over.  Stormy wishes she could explain her true identity.

Ivanka storms in the White House fully intending on exposing Stormy for who she really is.  A porn star trying to take her place as Trump’s work-wife.

As Ivanka walks in, she notices that Stormy is the only woman in a sea of grey pinstripe.

Realizing that it’s not Stormy who’s her enemy, Ivanka asks, “Why are we competing with each other?  Can’t we help each other instead?  Together we are stronger.  Let’s make our own rules and create female alliances that will carry influence not just in politics, but across all disciplines.

There CAN be room for more than one woman at the top!”

But it’s too late.  Trump already realized that Stormy can be of more service on top than Ivanka can.

Stormy screams, “Now get your bony ass out of my sight!  He’s my daddy now!”

“Let the River Run” plays in the background as Ivanka carries her box of personal belongings down Pennsylvania Avenue.

A tour enters the White House as Ivanka walks out of frame.

“You all are in for a treat today!  History lives in these walls and you will see them all first-hand!  We’ll visit The West Wing, The Oval Office, The Lincoln Bedroom, and urine luck…

The Champagne Room!”


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