The Donfather

NOTE: The following can wrap up several different scenarios.


  • Don kills Omarosa
  • “N-word” tape discovered
  • Frames Mueller for Russia collusion
  • Kills the 4 heads of the House Democratic Leadership
  • Thought “The Apprentice” ran on CBS
  • Kisses Eric on the lips and has him killed at Lake Tahoe
  • Annual physical reveals dementia
  • Annual physical reveals chronic Dorito-face
  • Annual physical reveals that’s not hair on his head
  • Trump steaks are actually unicorn meat
  • Takes long showers in the tears of illegal immigrants
  • Barron is really a puppet who wished he was a real boy who now wants back to being a puppet
  • Don’s extra-marital affair with Hillary
  • Don’s extra-marital affair with Bill




Dad, it’s not true.  Please

tell me.



Don’t ask me.



Tell me!



All right, this one time I’ll let

you ask about my affairs, one last




Is it true?


She looks directly into his eyes, he returns the look, so

directly that we know he will tell the truth.



(after a very long pause)



IVANKA is relieved; she throws her arms around him, and hugs

him.  Then she kisses him.



(through her tears)

We both need a drink.




She moves back into the kitchen and begins to prepare the

drinks.  From her vantage point, as she smilingly makes the

drinks, she sees BANNON, KELLY and PENCE enter the

house with their BODYGUARDS.


She watches with curiosity, as DONALD stands to receive

them.  He stands arrogantly at ease, weight resting on one

foot slightly behind the other.  One hand on his hip, like a

Roman Emperor.  The CAPOREGIMES stand before him.


BANNON takes DONALD’s hand, kissing it.



Don Trump…


The smile fades from IVANKA’s face, as she looks at what her

father has become.


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