Team Meeting Notes re: Untitled Julia Roberts/Richard Gere Collaboration #3

May 2, 2018

Concept Brainstorming Roundtable

·         Pretty Woman 2: Time to Upgrade to a Younger Model

·         Runaway Bride 2: Soles on Fire

·         I thought they were in more movies together?

·         Roberts and Gere have amazing chemistry…. Chemistry.  How about they are two chemists who develop a love potion… already been done?  Sandra Bullock?  Really?

·         Magic.  There hasn’t been a good magic movie since Harry Potter.  How about if Julia plays a witch who is cursed.  Any man that she falls in love with meets an untimely death.  Bullock again?  Wow.

·         Maybe we need to start with the meet-cute and the broader picture will introduce itself.  Thoughts?

·         He kills her dog.  Tries to make it up to her the rest of the movie – titled “Puppy Love”

·         She wants a baby, he needed money.  She gets matched with him in a sperm bank AND on

·         He runs a divorced dad support group full of his best buddies.  She threatens the group dynamic when they start dating, so the motley crew divorced dads try and sabotage their relationship.

·         Can we get Gere to gain weight?  We can try a “he’s dating out of his league” angle.

·         Regardless, we need to make sure her character is a bad driver… and with a comically large appetite.  And likes wine.

·         She’s a teacher, he’s a single father with a bratty kid… never mind, I’m already bored.

·         I think we’re thinking about this all wrong.  Gere is a grey fox.  And you know what else is grey?  Yep.  50 shades.  We reintroduce the American Gigolo/Breathless Gere from the 80s.  We take the heat they had in Pretty Woman and turn it up.  No more of his Nights in Rodanthe/Sommersby crap.

·         Julia has 3 kids.  I know when my wife was home with the kids she couldn’t wait to get out and do more adult stuff.  What’s more adult than full-frontal?  Am I right or am I right?

Action Items

·         Find out whether Héctor Elizondo is still alive and willing to co-star.

·         Find out if Joan Cusack still settling for roles as a BFF.

·         Assign Roberts a handler to make sure she shaves her armpits.

·         Get marketing to mock-up movie poster for “Puppy Love”


·         Garry Marshall is rolling over in his grave. (Unanimous agreement)






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