Mamma Mia 3: Murder on the Little Island

LAST SEEN: Donna’s dead.


Investigating the murder of Donna Sheridan, the world’s most famous detective gathers his 12 suspects.

Hercule Poirot lays out the incriminating case against each of them.

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“Sam.  You were angry at Donna.  Angry that you married a woman you knew for one week twenty years ago.  Angry when it turned out you didn’t know her at all.  Angry she turned out to be a witch.”

“Harry.   You resented Donna for keeping Sophie a secret.  You always wanted a daughter you could spoil rotten.  You killed Donna.  Quite spontaneously.”

“Bill.  You secretly took a hair sample from Sophie’s brush.  You’ve already run a DNA test and know you are NOT the father, haven’t you?  With Donna gone, it would be easier to make a move on Sophie wouldn’t it?”

“Rosie.  You hated that Donna slept with Bill first.  When you found out he was cheating on you, you lashed out at Donna.”

“Tanya.  Um.  It appears that you are just drunk all the time.  You could have killed Donna during a blackout and never remembered.  Maybe she cut you off at the bar one night or something…”

“Sky.  You begrudged your mother in law for keeping her daughter on the island.  By killing Donna, Sophie would be free to go wherever you wanted.”

“Stavros.  You were a glorified extra in the first movie.  You probably didn’t murder anyone, but I find it helpful to have 12 suspects.”

“Ali and Lisa.  Sophie’s “best friends.”  It may come as a shock to both of you that you were both sleeping with Sky.  Sky seduced you both in an effort to 1) convince you to murder Donna or 2) Frame you for her murder.”

“Ruby.  We have witnesses that say Donna said and I quote “Somebody up there has got it in for me. I bet it’s my mother.” You hated her for being a reckless little slut and for making you a grandmother. ”

“Fernando.  All those years without Ruby.  You blamed her daughter for keeping you apart.  You stalked Donna to the island, killed her and then connived your way into a job at the hotel.”

“Sophie.  Sophie.  You had the biggest motive of all.  Revenge.  Revenge for never knowing who your father was.  Revenge for the lying.  Revenge for being born a bastard.”

“So, there are two possible solutions to the crime.  First, an assassin snuck onboard the ferry, murdered Donna in her sleep, and vanished.”

“Second, all of you staying at Villa Donna conspired to murder Donna together. 

Each of you took turns with a knife and stabbed her. 

Well, this unacceptable!”

He puts his gun on a table in front of them.  “I can’t live with the injustice of keeping killers’ secrets.  “You’ll have to shoot me to keep my silence!”

He is interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Detective Poirot.  I have Donna Sheridan’s autopsy report.”

“Thank you young man.  We’ll let’s confirm my suspicions….”

(He opens the envelope.  Reads down his nose and past his glasses)

“Well, it seems there is a third possible solution.  It appears Donna died from injuries caused by jumping off the bed.


Um…  Sophie.  I believe I’ve missed the last ferry to the mainland.  Do you have any availability at Villa Donna tonight?”

The next morning Poirot is found dead in his room.  He had been shot 12 times.



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