Doctor Strange 2: Blind Date Disaster

Doctor Strange:  So, this must be a treat for you.  Going on a date with me.

Girl He Didn’t Bother to Learn the Name Of:  Yeah!  Of course!  Then again, we BOTH swiped right…

Doctor Strange: Well, as you are aware I severely injured my hands in a car accident.

Betty?: Actually, I didn’t know that…

Doctor Strange: So, it might have been my broken hand that swiped right.  My Cloak of Levitation made me come tonight.

Donna?: Cloak of Levitation?

Doctor Strange: He thinks I need to get out of the Sanctum more.  Which is ridiculous because I head to Hong Kong quite often.

Kiki?: Sanctum?  Well, Hong Kong sounds exciting!  Do you travel there for work?

Doctor Strange: That’s unimportant.  All you need to know was that I was a wealthy, respected neurosurgeon and now I’m a superhero.

Cynthia?: Can you heal your own hands?

Doctor Strange: (Angered) IF you must know I could.  But I’m working on a higher mystical plane and to use that power to only heal my hands would deprive the world of my awesomeness.


Doctor Strange: Do you want to get out of here?  My hands are broken but everything else works?  I meditate with Sting and he’s taught me some things about tantric…

(She cuts him off)

Penelope?: No, no, that’s ok.  Plus, we just ordered.


Doctor Strange: I also um, practice martial arts.

Fran?: (quietly) That’s nice…


Trina?: That’s a lovely necklace?  What is that?  Jade?

Doctor Strange: The Infinity Stone of Time


Susan?: (Perking up) You know my brother is a neurosurgeon here in New York too.

Doctor Strange: Perhaps I’ve heard of him.  What’s his name?

Alexandra?: He’s at Metro-General.  Nicodemus West?

Quickly Disappears

Aurora?: Well, that was strange…



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