Ready Player Two: Spielberg Production Notes Transcribed

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“Thoughts on Ready Player Two.  The High Fivers are now in charge…”

(Phone rings)

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“Oh, hi Schindler’s List.  Yeah.  Yeah.   About 20 years, that’s right.  No.  I know.  I guess I didn’t think you wanted to be included in Ready Player One.  Yeah. I did call up Jurassic Park and ask if it would be interested.  Listen.  I’m sorry.  I gotta go.  Yep.  Happy Passover.”

“Back to it.  So now the Loyalty Centers are unable to access the….”

(Home Phone rings)

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E.T.!  What’s up my man?  What?  Have you been talking to Schindler’s List?  There were only so many 80s references… ok.  Listen.  I wanted to keep the big guns on the sidelines for the sequel.   Right?

I promise you will be leading the charge against the bad guy.  Just don’t mention this to The Color Purple or Saving Private Ryan.  I don’t need them down my throats on this one.  Ok – let’s schedule lunch next week.  Your treat! Bye now.”

“I really want to highlight some slavery aspects the Loyalty Centers glossed over in the first movie…”

(A notification on the T.V. screen shows a call.  Spielberg looks at the area code.)

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“Cuesta Verde.  Nope.  Not picking up Poltergeist.”

“So, the OASIS is more harmonious than ever, however…”

(A knock at the door, someone is delivering a telegram)

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(He notices a newspaper on his stoop while closing the front door)

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The Post put out a “For your consideration” ad on the front page to be in Ready Player Two!”

(Phone rings)

“What do you want!”

(A 5-note musical sequence is played)

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“I don’t have time for this Close Encounters of the Third Kind!”

“Alright.  Let’s start back up again tomorrow.  I need to unwind.  I think I’ll go take a swim in the ocean.”




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