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I’m a Mom! (Just don’t ask how or why!)


My Husband Won’t Let Our Son Call Us Mommy & Daddy


Being a Working Mom in a Male-Dominated Field


Praying for a Sibling for Luke – Fertility Treatments Day 43


Flashback Friday – Luke’s First Day of School


Organic on a Budget: My Famous Blue Milk Recipe (Spoiler – It’s Bantha Milk!)


Kid Projects that Don’t Need Water


Is Common Core the Empire’s Deadliest Weapon?


Have Your Own Farm in the Dessert


How to tell your Husband that He’s Paranoid


Second-Hand Robots – Better than paying for new ones?


Mommy Self-Care: Wear Sunscreen – I’m What Happens If You Don’t!


Getting a Slave: My Father-in-Law’s Buyer’s Remorse


Our Job Is to Make Sure Kids Don’t Stay on the Farm Forever


Mom Fashion – How to get my Groovy look!


Naming my Grey Hairs – Mostly after Owen and Luke!


Chore Chart – Free Template Download


My Baby Bird is Ready to Leave the Nest


Don’t Pay for The Big Green Egg!  Turn your home into a Smoker!




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