The Shape of Water 2: The Search for Couple Friends

LAST SEEN: Under the sea, living happily ever after…


(Elisa, now healed and able to talk, gets into the passenger side while Amphibian Man starts the car.)

Elisa: We really need to get more couple friends.

Amphibian Man: (Trills in agreement)

Elisa: I mean, I really like Allen and Madison, but for a mermaid, she will …not…shut…. up…

Amphibian Man: (Trills in agreement)

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Elisa: He is just so bitter that they moved here so she could be closer to her family.  I mean, I live in the ocean too Allen.  That’s what we do for the people we love.

Amphibian Man: (Trills in agreement)

Elisa:  How was your cat tonight, hon?  It looked overcooked.

Amphibian Man: (Trilling disappointment)

Elisa: You should have sent it back.  What about Anastasia and Christian Grey?  They seem like fun…

Amphibian Man: (Trills an interruption)

Elisa:  No, I’m not just saying that because he’s cute.

Amphibian Man: (Trilling a rumor)

Elisa:  No.  I don’t think they’re swingers.  Wait – would that be such a bad thing?

(They turn to each other – She laughs, he trills at the joke)

Elisa: Oh, don’t forget we have dinner with Marlin and Dory next week

Amphibian Man: (Trilling anger)

Elisa: Don’t get mad at me.  I was hoping Dory would forget.



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